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    Ghosts of the Orphanage

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    The shocking secret history of twentieth-century orphanages—which for decades hid violence, abuse, and deaths within their walls

    For much of the twentieth century, a series of terrible events—abuse, both physical and psychological, and even deaths—took places inside orphanages. The survivors have been trying to tell their astonishing stories for a long time, but disbelief, secrecy, and trauma have kept them from breaking through. For ten years, Christine Kenneally has been on a quest to uncover the harrowing truth.
    Centering her story on St. Joseph’s, a Catholic orphanage in Vermont, Kenneally has written a stunning account of a series of crimes and abuses. But her work is not confined to one place. Following clues that take her into the darkened corners of several institutions across the globe, she finds a trail of terrifying stories and a courageous group of survivors who are seeking justice. Ghosts of the Orphanage is an incredible true crime story and a reckoning with a past that has stayed buried for too long, with tragic consequences.


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    The Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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    A step-by-step guide to help both victims of emotional abuse and their abusers escape unhealthy patterns originating from childhood abuse and neglect

    In the second edition of The Emotionally Abusive Relationship: How to Stop Being Abused and How to Stop Abusing, internationally recognized therapist Beverly Engel walks readers through a proven program designed to help readers get to the core of their unhealthy behavior patterns.

    This book was written specifically for two types of couples—those who mutually abuse each other and those with abusive partners who are willing to honestly look at themselves to and make the necessary changes to stop abusing. Unique among books of this type, Engel focuses on both the abused person and the abuser, offering non-judgmental advice to both groups. She offers effective strategies, techniques, and information to end abusive behaviors, including:

    Why some people are attracted to abusive people and vice versa
    Patterns created from childhood neglect and abuse and how to break them
    Determining if you or your partner suffers from a personality disorder such as Narcissism or Borderline Personality Disorder
    How to decide whether to continue the relationship or end it
    The importance of healing shame caused by childhood neglect and abuse
    How self-compassion can help heal both victims of emotional abuse and the abusers themselves

    The Emotionally Abusive Relationship is essential for those involved in unhealthy relationships or who have loved ones trapped in an emotionally abusive situation. Therapist recommended, this book is also a must-read resource for students of psychotherapy.

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    Wounded Hearts

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    Between 1857 and 1970, thousands of children came to live at the Halifax Protestant Orphan’s Home. Some were children whose parents simply didn’t have the means to care for them any longer; others were orphans who had nowhere else to go. Many faced abuse, poverty, and neglect before, during, and after their time in the facility. All were vulnerable young wards, left in the trusted care of an institution that, in countless cases, would ultimately betray them. In Wounded Hearts: Memories of the Halifax Protestant Orphans’ Home veteran journalist Lois Legge digs deep into the lived experiences of the children who passed through those doors, painting an indelible picture of innocence lost. This in-depth narrative introduces readers to the strength and sorrow of the home’s survivors, in advance of the fiftieth anniversary of Veith House (2020), an inclusive community centre and the former site of the orphanage. Features 30 black and white photos.

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    I Remember, Daddy

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    Katie’s memories of her childhood were patchy. She’d always remembered her father’s physical abuse, his anger and violence. But there was a lot she had forgotten. And, at the age of 24, after the birth of her son, the memories that were gradually unlocked with the help of a psychiatrist were far more terrible.

    Katie had grown up living in fear. She’d never forgotten the icy coldness that used to spread through every vein in her body each time her father grabbed her roughly by the arm, or punched and kicked her mother. Or the occasion when she was 3 and he’d locked her in a bedroom for an entire weekend, without food or water. Or the night when he’d brought home a young woman he’d met at a bar, pushing her mother down the stairs when she dared to complain and then locking mother and daughter out in the snow, dressed only in their nightdresses.

    There were many, many incidents of violence and cruelty that Katie had never forgotten. But when she started a family of her own, and began to see a psychiatrist to help her cope with the debilitating post-natal depression she was suffering, she was forced to recall memories that were even more horrifying. Memories of the sexual abuse her father had subjected her to from the age of 3, which her mind had locked away for over twenty years. And memories of all the other horrific incidents from her childhood that she’d dared not remember until then.

    During the months that Katie remained in the psychiatric hospital, the locked doors in her mind gradually opened, releasing the trauma from her past and finally enabling her to start to understand the reason for her self-disgust.

    This is Katie’s story – the sometimes harrowing but ultimately inspiring true story of her journey as she comes to terms with memories too painful to remember but impossible to forget.

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    Beautiful Justice

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    A story of healing and a guide to seeking justice after sexual abuse from Brooke Axtell, one of the foremost survivor experts on sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking

    When Brooke Axtell was seven years old, her nanny subjected her to sex trafficking. Today, she is a champion and advocate for women around the world who have experienced sexual violence and trauma.

    Beautiful Justice shares Brooke’s own gripping story, both the trauma of sex trafficking and also her pathway through healing, moving on, and reclaiming power. Along the way, she imparts warm wisdom for others who have experienced similar violence, providing lessons from her own life and from the thousands of women, advocates, and lawmakers she’s spoken with. Relying on her own experiences and a keen awareness of public policy, she provides a clear-eyed awareness of the ways that our culture and government work against women experiencing violence around the world.

    Inspiring and powerfully redemptive, Brooke encourages readers to take part in a creative resistance as a path to justice.

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    Bad Things Happened

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    A mother and daughter share their journey to forgiving and healing. As a child, she is a victim, severely trauma bonded from the experience. As adults, they both recognize they cannot change the past. They refuse to live life as a victim gripped by fear, shame, and guilt. The circumstance of child molestation happened, the thoughts and feelings about it are just a story. You are the story you tell yourself about yourself. Change the story heal yourself.

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