• Ancestors Said: 365 Introspections for Emotional Healing

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    A joy-filled gift from the ancestors composed of 365 gentle prayers and affirmations to intuitively provide you with healing all year long.

    “Ancestors said they experience life through your eyes. Living your life as full as you can nourishes them. You being alive is enough for them.” “I pray that you see life through. I pray that you let it show you just how good it can get.” “If you’re feeling stuck, speak to the heavens. A path to freedom will open up.”

    Ancestors Said is full of 365 affirmations, prayers, and reflections just like these. It is designed to be used all year long, helping the reader along a healing journey and leading them to experience a deep connection with the ancestors and joy in their daily life.

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    Self-Love Workbook for First-Time Moms

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    Make time for self-love with friendly guidance for new moms

    Motherhood is as beautiful and rewarding as it is challenging and uncertain. Finding ways to stay confident and positive are key to weathering the ups and downs of raising a child. The Self-Love Workbook for First-Time Moms helps any mom build the habit of taking time for herself with simple but inspiring prompts and exercises she can do every day.

    Made with moms in mind—Learn how self-love makes it easier to move on from mistakes and be a better role model.
    Brief enough for busy lives—Find advice that inspires deep reflection on all aspects of life but is broken up into bite-size entries that moms can do whenever they have a moment.
    Rooted in real psychology—Explore exercises based in positive psychology, mindfulness, and other proven methods for sustaining self-love and approaching new motherhood with confidence.

    This self-love journal offers gentle support and encouragement for any woman feeling nervous about the adventures of motherhood.

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