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    All My Knotted-Up Life

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    Notes From Your Bookseller

    The Queen of Bible studies tells her own life story! Beth Moore is a wonderful storyteller, and you’ll learn and laugh as she shares with you.

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    Boundaries With Kids

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    Yes, you can say no to your child and still be a loving parent. Discover how setting biblical boundaries can make your parenting better today!

    Join Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, authors of the New York Times bestseller Boundaries, as they share the research and guidance you need to raise your kids to take responsibility for their actions, attitudes, and emotions. What Boundaries has done for adult relationships, Boundaries with Kids will do for you and your family.

    Using biblically backed principles, including respect, stewardship, and self-control, Drs. Cloud and Townsend share the lessons they’ve learned firsthand after decades of working with families across the country. The tools and support they provide in Boundaries with Kids will change the way you view healthy boundaries, no matter where you are in your parenting journey.

    With wisdom and empathy, they take you through the ins and outs of instilling the kind of character in your children that will help them lead balanced, productive, and fulfilling adult lives. You’ll learn how to:

    Define appropriate boundaries and consequences for your kids
    Set limits and still be a loving parent
    Bring balance to an out-of-control family life
    Apply the ten laws of boundaries to your parenting
    Understand the six steps to implementing boundaries in your home

    Don’t forget to check out the Boundaries family collection of books and workbooks dedicated to key areas of your life, including dating, marriage, raising teenagers, and leadership.

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    In this definitive biography, renowned Bible scholar, Anglican bishop, and bestselling author N. T. Wright offers a radical look at the apostle Paul, illuminating the humanity and remarkable achievements of this intellectual who invented Christian theology—transforming a faith and changing the world.

    For centuries, Paul, the apostle who “saw the light on the Road to Damascus” and made a miraculous conversion from zealous Pharisee persecutor to devoted follower of Christ, has been one of the church’s most widely cited saints. While his influence on Christianity has been profound, N. T. Wright argues that Bible scholars and pastors have focused so much attention on Paul’s letters and theology that they have too often overlooked the essence of the man’s life and the extreme unlikelihood of what he achieved.

    To Wright, “The problem is that Paul is central to any understanding of earliest Christianity, yet Paul was a Jew; for many generations Christians of all kinds have struggled to put this together.” Wright contends that our knowledge of Paul and appreciation for his legacy cannot be complete without an understanding of his Jewish heritage. Giving us a thoughtful, in-depth exploration of the human and intellectual drama that shaped Paul, Wright provides greater clarity of the apostle’s writings, thoughts, and ideas and helps us see them in a fresh, innovative way.

    Paul is a compelling modern biography that reveals the apostle’s greater role in Christian history—as an inventor of new paradigms for how we understand Jesus and what he accomplished—and celebrates his stature as one of the most effective and influential intellectuals in human history.

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    The Sacred Embrace of Jesus and Mary

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    An examination of how the teachings of Jesus reveal the essential role of sexuality in spiritual growth and transformation

    • Shows that Jesus did not come to redeem humanity from the life of the flesh, but to honor it as a spiritual path

    • Uses Hebrew, gnostic, and early Christian source texts to reveal the true context of the words attributed to Jesus

    • Explores the spiritual and physical relationship shared by Jesus and Mary Magdalene

    Of all the major religions, Christianity is the only one that has utterly rejected sexuality as one of the many paths that can lead to enlightenment and salvation. But if Jesus was indeed “the Word made flesh” and serious consideration is given to the mystery of his Incarnation, is it reasonable that physical love would have been prohibited to him?

    Drawing from the canonical and apocryphal gospels, the Hebrew esoteric tradition, and gnosticism, Jean-Yves Leloup shows that Jesus did not come to save humanity from the life of the flesh but to save the life of the flesh so that it would truly transfigure all people. Leloup explains that when Saint Paul said it was good to be without women, he did not cite any words of Jesus in support of this contention. In fact, Paul’s statement utterly contradicts the words of God in Genesis: “It is not good that man should be alone.” Leloup argues that the elimination of the divine feminine and sacred sexuality set in motion by Paul’s words does not reflect the true teachings of Christ, and that the transformation of Jesus into a celibate is the true heresy. His research restores Christ’s true human sexuality and shows it to be a vital part of humanity’s spirituality. Leloup contends that by understanding the sacred nature of the embrace shared by man and woman as a true reflection of humanity made in God’s image, Christianity can again become the powerful path of transfiguration Christ intended.

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    Jesus and the Manuscripts

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    Jesus and the Manuscripts, by popular author and Bible scholar Craig A. Evans, introduces readers to the diversity and complexity of the ancient literature that records the words and deeds of Jesus. This diverse literature includes the familiar Gospels of the New Testament, the much less familiar literature of the Rabbis and of the Qur’an, and the extracanonical narratives and brief snippets of material found in fragments and inscriptions. This book critically analyzes important texts and quotations in their original languages and engages the current scholarly discussion. Evans argues that the Gospel of Thomas is not early or independent of the New Testament Gospels but that it should be dated to the late second century. He also argues that Secret Mark, like the recently published Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, is probably a modern forgery. Of special interest is the question of how long the autographs of New Testament writings remained in circulation. Evans argues that the evidence suggests that most of these autographs remained available for copying and study for more than one hundred years and thus stabilized the text.

    Key points and features:
    Written by popular author and Bible scholar Craig A. Evans
    Includes 20+ pages of high-quality color photos
    Walks readers through the various works of ancient literature, both biblical and non-biblical, that mention Jesus
    Critically analyzes important texts and quotations in their original languages and engages the current scholarly discussion

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    Man Enough

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    Man Enough challenges the idea that there is one way to be a man. The masculinity that pervades our church and culture often demands that men conform to a macho ideal, leaving many men feeling ashamed that they’re not living up to God’s plan for them. Nate uses his own story of not feeling “man enough”, as well as sociological and historical reflections, to help men see that manhood isn’t about what you do, but who you are. It’s not about the size of your paycheck, your athletic ability, or your competitive spirit. You don’t have to fit any masculine stereotype to be a real man.

    In our culture and churches more thoughtful, quieter, or compassionate personalities, as well as stay-at-home dads, are often looked down upon; and sermons, conferences, and publications center on helping men become “real men”. This pressure to have one’s manhood validated is antithetical to Gospel living and negatively affects how men relate to each other, to women and children, and to God.

    Man Enough roots men in the Gospel, examines biblical examples of masculinity that challenge the idea of a singular type of man, and ultimately encourages men to conform to the image of Jesus—freeing men up to be who they were created to be: a son of God who uniquely bears His image.

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    For the Love

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    New York Times bestselling author Jen Hatmaker believes that life can be fun, fulfilling, exciting, and beautiful. There’s just one thing getting in the way: people.

    So many of our joys, struggles, thrills, and heartbreaks are connected to others, starting with ourselves and the people we came from. As we grow, our community does too. Before we know it, our lives are full of people: people we became friends with, married, birthed, live by, go to church with, don’t like, don’t understand, fear, and endlessly compare ourselves to. It’s easy to lose our love for ourselves and for others, but what if we let people off the hook instead? What if we let go of the need to criticize ourselves and our neighbors?

    Jen shares the lessons she’s learned about how important it is to love people by teaching you how to:

    Break free of guilt and shame by dismantling the unattainable Pinterest life
    Learn to engage our culture’s controversial issues with grace
    Release the burden of always being right and be liberated to love
    Identify the tools you already have, to develop real-life, all-in, know-my-junk-but-love-me-anyway friendships
    Escape our impossible standards for parenting and marriage by accepting the standard of “mostly good”
    Laugh until you cry

    In this raucous ride to freedom for modern women, Jen bares the refreshing wisdom, wry humor, no-nonsense faith, liberating insight, and fearless honesty that have made her beloved by women worldwide.

    Join Jen as she reminds you how amazing you are, how shockingly gracious God is, and how free we are to love others well and live the beautiful, wholehearted lives we were created to live.

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    Hello Mornings

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    Are you ready to wake up for your life and not just to your life?

    Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a morning person to start each new day well. Join Kat Lee and thousands of women from countries around the world who have learned to maximize their mornings. In Hello Mornings, Kat introduces a simple yet powerful three-minute morning routine that integrates Bible study, planning, and fitness into a foundational morning habit that fits into every schedule. She then helps you build each of these core habits for life-long growth.

    Everyone can find three minutes. And instead of adding one more thing to the list, Hello Mornings lifts the weight off women by revealing a grace-filled way to establish a powerful morning routine that offers

    a simple way to incorporate the most-sought-after daily habits into a simple morning routine: God. Plan. Move.
    the latest research on habit formation and development
    practical tools to help readers develop and grow their own personalized, adaptable plan for mornings
    stories of transformed mornings from women in every season and stage of life

    Hello Mornings helps readers renovate their mornings to establish and grow a powerful daily routine—a long-term, Jesus-centered habit to anchor them in every season. Each morning can then become a launch pad into God’s amazing plan for their lives.

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    Blue Like Jazz

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    “I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn’t resolve. I used to not like God because God didn’t resolve. But that was before any of this happened.” ?Donald Miller

    In Donald Miller’s early years, he was vaguely familiar with a distant God. But when he came to know Jesus Christ, he pursued the Christian life with great zeal. Within a few years he had a successful ministry that ultimately left him feeling empty, burned out, and, once again, far away from God. In this intimate, soul-searching account, Miller describes his remarkable journey back to a culturally relevant, infinitely loving God.

    For anyone wondering if the Christian faith is still relevant in a postmodern culture.

    For anyone thirsting for a genuine encounter with a God who is real.

    For anyone yearning for a renewed sense of passion iná life.

    Blue Like Jazz is a fresh and original perspective on life, love, and redemption.

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    I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)

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    More than ever, politics seem to be driven by discord. People sitting together in pews every Sunday feel like strangers and loved ones at the dinner table feel like enemies. Toxic political dialogue, hate-filled rants on social media, and agenda-driven news stories have become the new norm. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    In I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening), two working moms from opposite ends of the political spectrum teach us that politics don’t have to divide us. Instead, we can bring the same care and respect to policy discussions that we bring to the rest of our lives.

    Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, co-hosts of Pantsuit Politics, recently named an Apple Podcasts Show of the Year, give you all of the tools you need to:

    Respect the dignity of every person
    Recognize that issues are nuanced and can’t be reduced to political talking points
    Listen in order to understand
    Lead with grace and patience

    Join Sarah from the left and Beth from the right as they teach you that people from opposing political perspectives truly can have calm, grace-­filled conversations with one another.

    Praise for I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening):

    “Sarah and Beth are an absolute gift to our culture right now. Not only do they offer balanced perspectives from each political ideology, but they teach us how to dialogue well, without sacri­ficing our humanity.”

    —Jen Hatmaker, New York Times bestselling author and speaker

    “Sarah from the left and Beth from the right serve as our guides through conflict and complexity, delivering us into connection. I wish every person living in the United States would read this compelling book, from the youngest voter to those holding the highest office.”

    —Emily P. Freeman, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Next Right Thing

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    Jesus > Religion

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    Abandon dead, dry, religious rule-keeping and embrace the promise of being truly known and deeply loved.

    Jefferson Bethke burst into the cultural conversation with a passionate, provocative poem titled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” The 4-minute video became an overnight sensation, with 7 million YouTube views in its first 48 hours (and 23+ million in a year).

    Bethke’s message clearly struck a chord with believers and nonbelievers alike, triggering an avalanche of responses running the gamut from encouraged to enraged.

    In his New York Times bestseller Jesus > Religion, Bethke unpacks similar contrasts that he drew in the poem–highlighting the difference between teeth gritting and grace, law and love, performance and peace, despair, and hope.

    With refreshing candor, he delves into the motivation behind his message, beginning with the unvarnished tale of his own plunge from the pinnacle of a works-based, fake-smile existence that sapped his strength and led him down a path of destructive behavior. Along the way, Bethke gives you the tools you need to:

    Humbly and prayerfully open your mind
    Understand Jesus for all that he is
    View the church from a brand-new perspective

    Bethke is quick to acknowledge that he’s not a pastor or theologian, but simply an ordinary, twenty-something who cried out for a life greater than the one for which he had settled. On this journey, Bethke discovered the real Jesus, who beckoned him with love beyond the props of false religion.

    Praise for Jesus > Religion:

    “Jeff’s book will make you stop and listen to a voice in your heart that may have been drowned out by the noise of religion. Listen to that voice, then follow it–right to the feet of Jesus.” –Bob Goff, author of New York Times bestsellers Love Does and Everybody, Always

    “The book you hold in your hands is Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz meets C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity meets Augustine’s Confessions. This book is going to awaken an entire generation to Jesus and His grace.” –Derwin L. Gray, lead pastor of Transformation Church, author of Limitless Life: Breaking Free from the Labels That Hold You Back

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    Killing Christians

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    Could you retain your faith even if it meant losing your life? Your family’s lives?

    To many Christians in the Middle East today, a “momentary, light affliction” means enduring only torture instead of martyrdom. The depth of oppression Jesus followers suffer is unimaginable to most Western Christians. Yet, it is an everyday reality for those who choose faith over survival in Syria, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, and other countries hostile to the Gospel of Christ. InKilling Christians, Tom Doyle takes readers to the secret meetings, the torture rooms, the grim prisons, and even the executions that are the “calling” of countless Muslims-turned-Christians.

    Each survivor longs to share with brothers and sisters “on the outside” what Christ has taught them. Killing Christians is their message to readers who still enjoy freedom to practice their faith. None would wish their pain and suffering on those who do not have to brave such misery, but the richness gained through their remarkable trials are delivered—often in their own words—through this book. The stories are breathtaking, the lessons soul-stirring and renewing. Killing Christians presents the dead serious work of expanding and maintaining the Faith.

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