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    Héroes De La Ciencia: De Los Primeros Cazadores De Virus a La Vacuna Contra La Covid-19

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    Louis Pasteur, Carlos Juan Finlay, Lynn Margulis, Margarita Salas, Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Francis Mojica, Katalin Karikó… Científicos y científicas que han cambiado nuestra vida son los protagonistas de este emocionante recorrido por la historia de la ciencia.

    Hoy todos conocemos la vacuna contra la covid-19, pero nadie se tomaba en serio a Katalin Karikó, la científica que la hizo posible, cuando empezó sus investigaciones. Igual que ella, los cazadores de microbios a lo largo de la historia se han enfrentado a menudo a la incomprensión y la indiferencia. Armados tan solo de curiosidad y una pasión feroz, se zambulleron en un mundo desconocido en busca de conocimiento y formas de vencer las enfermedades; algunos llegaron incluso a inocularse peligrosos virus para probar sus vacunas y sus curas.

    Este libro está lleno de historias heroicas y alucinantes del mundo de la microbiología. Habla de los nombres que todos conocemos, pero también de científicas y científicos desconocidos y olvidados. También habla de plagas, de pandemias, de virus, de anticuerpos y de lo mucho que les debemos a las bacterias. Es una pequeña historia del misterio de la vida y de los héroes que lucharon y aún luchan por desentrañarlo. 

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    Nature School

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    Nature School is your destination for kid-friendly nature learning, where you can explore the natural world through engaging reading, beautiful illustrations, and more than 30 hands-on activities. Kids need a break from screens now more than ever. Screen-free time spent exploring and learning about the outdoors makes for happier, healthier, smarter kids. And playing in nature gives kids confidence and independence, promoting creativity and teaching responsibility. With Nature School, all ages will enjoy connecting with nature and becoming inspired to discover the wild places around them.Travel through five of earth’s largest biomes, studying plants, animals, and their adaptations for survival—and learn hands-on through nature experiments explained in each lesson.From the arid desert to the salty seashore, investigate extraordinary ecosystems, discovering the role of predators and prey and learning about life cycles, climate, landscape, and more. Chapters in this book explore plants, animals, and life cycles of:   Temperate Forests Deserts Seashores Grasslands Wetlands Featuring activities and experiments that include:   Bark & Leaf Rubbings Desertscape Diorama Salt Dough Seashells Tornado in a Bottle Nature Journaling The whole family will enjoy learning through Nature School!

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    A moving, page-turning novel about a family’s grief and the crisis afflicting the rainforest, from the prize-winning author of Refugee 87

    Ever since Jack’s dad died, he’s had a heavy feeling inside. The pressure keeps building. Looking for release, he starts skiving school and hanging around with a group who like to cause trouble. It’s easy to hide his new habits from his mum, an environmental anthropologist, because she’s too busy with work and conservation trips to notice.

    As Jack spins further out of control, his mum eventually becomes concerned – and shocks him by suggesting a trip together.

    But this will be no relaxing holiday. Soon Jack finds himself on an expedition deep into the rainforest, far from anything he’s ever known. He wanted an adventure – but has he plunged into real danger?

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