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    Fundamentals of Nano-Textile Science

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    Fundamentals of Nano-Textile Science provides a detailed overview of advanced nano-textiles methods, techniques, and treatments along with explanations of a wide range of applications. This book places emphasis on nanotechnology-based textile enhancements that provide high durability, better affinity, and more functionality in textile material and that overcomes the limitation of conventional processes in the textile industry.

    The first section of the book deals with the production method of nano-textile fibers. It elaborates how nano-techniques are used for producing textile fiber and discusses various pretreatment processes of textile materials using such methods as nano-scouring, nanobiophotoscouring, nano-bleaching, nano-softening, and nano-surface activation.

    The second section discusses the wide range of nanofinishing applications to make textile materials antimicrobial, flame retardant, UV-protected, etc. It also discusses different techniques and treatments applied on the surface of the finished product using plasma technology or layer-by-layer deposition techniques. This section also covers nano-based textile applications such as for sports clothing, military textiles, high-performance clothing, or smart wearable high-tech nano-textiles.

    In the last section, the book concludes with an overview of nanotechnological advancements being used for the management of textile effluents and for removing dyes from wastewater in textile processing, focusing on the health and safety perspective of nano-textiles.

    The book is written by highly experienced authors in this area and provides an immensely valuable resource for scientific researchers, academics, professionals, engineers, technologists and innovators working on designing and manufacturing textile materials. The volume will be an important resource for those who are looking for innovative production technologies or the latest nanotechnology developments in the design and manufacturing of nano-textile materials.

    Key features:

    Provides a detailed theoretical overview of nano-textiles along with novel advanced techniques, methods, treatments for enhanced properties and applications of textiles.
    Covers relevant techniques applied on the surface of the finished textile product using plasma technology or layer-by-layer deposition techniques
    Introduces various nanofinishes and applications including for sports clothing, military textiles, high performance clothing or smart wearable high-tech textiles
    Describes wearable smart nano-textile parameters, types of materials used, applications, and future innovations for prevention of hazards and pandemic diseases
    Explores innovative methods and treatments for management or removal of textile waste

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