R. J. Nolan

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    Double Trouble

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    This novella is also in Water Witch: a Dustin Walker Anthology and Other Tales by RJ Blain.

    Layla, a recovering drug addict, reformed kleptomaniac, and general troublemaker, believes she has a one-way ticket straight to hell to go with her general rap sheet. Instead of jail time, she’s ordered to perform ninety days of community service.
    Her job is simple: she must keep two unicorns out of trouble.

    It doesn’t take her long to learn the truth: she’s been assigned to a dose of double trouble, and wherever the unicorns go, chaos and mayhem follow in their wake.

    One wants to take over the world.

    The other wants in her pants.

    Unless she pulls out all the stops, Layla won’t escape her community service time single or sane.

    Warning: this novella contains magic, mayhem, unicorns, romance, and bodies. Proceed with Caution.

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