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    Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie

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    Summertime in the quirky island village of Eastport, Maine, is full of delights—including delicious treats from The Chocolate Moose, the waterfront bakery run by Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree and Ellie White. But these amateur sleuths are in for a rocky road when a chocolate shop rivalry turns deadly in the newest Death By Chocolate Mystery from the bestselling author of the Home Repair is Homicide Series!

    Summer in Eastport means lobsters and blueberries, though tourists and locals alike always leave a little room for baked goods from The Chocolate Moose. This year’s arts festival, featuring food, games, and rollicking local musicians, means even more sweet-toothed customers. But it’s also bringing competition from a new rival, Choco’s, that’s trying to slice into the action.

    Choco’s owner, Brad Fairway, is pulling sneaky stunts to divert Moose patrons to his own shop, and Ellie finally confronts him about his tactics. But when Brad is found dead next day—and the weapon is a gun that belongs to Ellie—it’s only a matter of time before she is charged with the crime.

    Sifting through the victim’s connections, Jake and Ellie sense they’re getting close to the real culprit—a little too close. Can they serve up the solution before the killer dishes up another helping of murder?

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