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    Dear Mary

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    Hopeful, Inspiring Message
    for Moms from Sarah Jakes

    Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a remarkable example of quiet, resilient faith and courage in the face of adversity. From the angel’s first announcement of her pregnancy to the death and resurrection of her son, Mary was witness to our Lord and Savior in a unique and special way.

    And as a mother herself, she speaks to the modern-day mom in a way few have explored before.

    Writing in the form of letters, Sarah Jakes examines the life of Mary–and through Mary, Jesus–to better understand what a life of faith looks like. Maybe you struggle to trust God’s will for your life. Perhaps you have fears and insecurities that keep you from realizing the joy God wants for you, or the thought of raising little ones overwhelms you. Through the example of Mary, discover the freedom that only true faith can bring.

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