Sarah K. L. Wilson

  • Autumngale

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    She’s stuck in a clock. He’s going mad. Tamerlan has lost an eye, a friend, and a future. And with guilt raging through him like the fires destroying H’yi City he has only one pathway to redemption: find the Grandfather, capture him, and release Marielle from his clock. Because Grandfather Timeless has his own nefarious plans for the world. And unless someone stops him – he’ll raise the dragons again and destroy everything. Worse, every city of the Dragonblood Plains is preparing for Autumngale in their own way – and every one of them is under the threat of political upheaval, destruction, and death. Can Tamerlan change the course of history, or will he only be a pawn in the hands of the Legends? Autumngale is Book Three of the Bridge of Legends Series – a fresh new series presented by USA Today Bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson. Leap into the gripping epic fantasy story of dragons, Legends, and misused power, that readers are calling “addictive” when you start reading today!

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