10 Lessons About C++ You Need to Learn to Become a Master Programmer

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10 practical lessons to get you up and running in industrial strength C++ programming techniques.
Contains FREE download link allowing access to the complete set of code samples and Visual Studio projects.
In response to user feedback this eBook has been updated (as of 19 October 2015) to give the reader complete access to ALL code samples via hyperlinks, directing the reader to online samples that are nicely formatted, readable and indented.
This is a VAST improvement on the standard Kindle way of text formatting, which as any programmer will observe, is unsuited to displaying program code.
Lesson chapters:
1\. Getting started with Windows Programming
Write your first Windows programs in minutes
2\. Further Windows Programming
Windows programming in greater depth.
3\. Getting started with the Boost C++ libraries
How install Boost in a variety of platforms and developer environments
How to utilize Boost in a number of practical applications
4\. Applying graph algorithms to practical network problems
Modeling networks as links and nodes using graph data structures
Applying these to shortest path problems, minimal spanning trees and other problems
5\. Writing your own Soduku puzzle solver
An example of converting a complex algorithm into code
6\. Creating a mathematical calculator
How to apply the Shunting Yard algorithm to write your application that reads expressions
like 3 * cos ( pi / 2 ) and calculates the mathematical result
7\. Applying a genetic algorithm to solve complex functions
A practical demonstration of using a genetic algorithm witten in C++ to solve
complex mathematical functions
8\. Solving the traveling salesman problem using the 2-opt algorithm
A powerful means of generating good solutions to traveling salesman problems quickly.
Can be applied to problems containing hundred or even thousands of cities.
9\. Finding all possible paths for routing problems
An example of applying recursion to find all possible paths in a network
10\. Improving your programs by application of the Standard Template Library (STL)
Many examples of using STL structures and algorithms to make your C++ programs powerful, reliable and with fewer lines of code
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