A Flight of Storks and Angels

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Renowned fantasist T. E. Jameson writes his masterworks in a treehouse, carrying on what seems to be a one-way conversation with his muse. Cracked? Possibly. But rich eccentrics must have their foibles.
Also rich in creative eccentricity is Jameson’s grandson Ward, at age thirteen still enjoying the company of his invisible companion Timothy.
When Ward’s girlfriend June brings lovemaking into their friendship, she reunites with *her* lost invisible companion, after which these three, having reached critical mass, can see and hear one another’s guardian angels.
A walk into downtown Auroville makes visible and audible guardian angels everywhere, each uniquely conforming to its host personality.
Broken families begin to mend, righteous intolerance crumbles before truth, and a genuine sense of community starts to develop in this small town.
When word spreads and national media crews rush in, their cameras and mikes picking up nothing, seeds of doubt and distrust are sown.
Can the first healing steps survive such assaults against faith? Will the temptation to scapegoat Jameson, Ward, and June prevail? And how can those who have retained their faith in miracles not only survive persecution but spread the message worldwide?
Resonant with themes of self discovery, loss, heartache, and standing up for one’s beliefs in the face of adversity, A Flight of Storks and Angels recaptures an innocence that seems nearly lost in today’s world, taking readers on a magical journey to reclaim it.

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