A Half Remembered Life

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In the ninth book in J J Salkeld’s best-selling Lakeland Murders series detective Andy Hall is drawn onto some treacherous ground. Could the apparently accidental death of an environmental activist at St. Bees years before have been a cunningly conceived murder, involving both undercover police officers and a subsequent cover-up? And could Hall’s chief suspect in the case really be a charming, over-achieving sociopath?
Aided an abetted by DS Ian Mann (suspended) Andy Hall needs to be absolutely sure that he’s right, because his wife and best friend’s careers, and maybe even his family’s safety, are all at stake. As always the former DCS in Cumbria Constabulary has endless ideas and theories to offer, but as to hard evidence? Well, that’s quite a different matter….
Readers love J J Salkeld’s characters and their journeys, not only around England’s lovely Lake District, but through their working and family lives:
‘Salkeld opens up the reality of modern policing… yet manages to weave fact, fiction, folklore, humour and reality into his novels totally seamlessly and still retain his ultimate goal… a really damned good read. JJ Salkeld has to be one of the best writers of our times.’
‘I particularly enjoy the evolution of the characters throughout the series and am always awaiting the next book to see what happens with their lives next. Highly recommended.’
‘When can I get number nine? I am extremely pleased that Andy Hall did not get put out to pasture.’

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