A Wrinkle in Time

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**Madeleine L’Engle’s ground-breaking science fiction and fantasy classic, now a major motion picture.**
It was a dark and stormy night; Meg Murry, her small brother Charles Wallace, and her mother had come down to the kitchen for a midnight snack when they were upset by the arrival of a most disturbing stranger.
“Wild nights are my glory,” the unearthly stranger told them. “I just got caught in a downdraft and blown off course. Let me sit down for a moment, and then I’ll be on my way. Speaking of ways, by the way, there is such a thing as a tesseract.”
A tesseract (in case the reader doesn’t know) is a wrinkle in time. To tell more would rob the reader of the enjoyment of Miss L’Engle’s unusual book. *A Wrinkle in Time* , winner of the Newbery Medal in 1963, is the story of the adventures in space and time of Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin O’Keefe (athlete, student, and one of the most popular boys in high school). They are in search of Meg’s father, a scientist who disappeared while engaged in secret work for the government on the tesseract problem.
*A Wrinkle in Time* is the winner of the 1963 Newbery Medal. It is the first book in The Time Quintet, which consists of *A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters* , and *An Acceptable Time*.
*A Wrinkle in Time* is now a movie from Disney, directed by Ava DuVernay, starring Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling.
This title has Common Core connections.
**Praise for *A Wrinkle in Time* :**
“ *A Wrinkle in Time* is one of my favorite books of all time. I’ve read it so often, I know it by heart. Meg Murry was my hero growing up. I wanted glasses and braces and my parents to stick me in an attic bedroom. And I so wanted to save Charles Wallace from IT.” —Meg Cabot
“A book that every young person should read, a book that provides a road map for seeking knowledge and compassion even at the worst of times, a book to make the world a better place.” —Cory Doctorow
**Books by Madeleine L’Engle
**A Wrinkle in Time Quintet
** *A Wrinkle in Time
A Wind in the Door
A Swiftly Tilting Planet
Many Waters
An Acceptable Time*
*A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel* by Madeleine L’Engle; adapted & illustrated by Hope Larson: A graphic novel adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s ground-breaking science fiction and fantasy classic.
*Intergalactic P.S. 3* by Madeleine L’Engle; illustrated by Hope Larson: Visit the world of *A Wrinkle in Time* in this standalone story!
**The Austin Family Chronicles**
*Meet the Austins* (Volume 1)
*The Moon by Night* (Volume 2)
*The Young Unicorns* (Volume 3)
*A Ring of Endless Light* (Volume 4) A Newbery Honor book!
*Troubling a Star* (Volume 5)
**The Polly O’Keefe books
** *The Arm of the Starfish
Dragons in the Waters
A House Like a Lotus
And Both Were Young
The Joys of Love*

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