Acts of Betrayal

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High school sweethearts Michael and Lorece had a bright future ahead of them. Seven years and five children later their future seems to have come to a dead end when Michael loses his job at a prominent Mid-west meat packing plant due to a shut down. Packing his family up in the car, they head for a promising new life in a new city, only to find that what they were seeking may not be easy to find. Soon after settling in, they meet well-known church leaders, Bishop Gideon and his wife, Ella Jaspers, of the Solid Rock Tabernacle. Ella Jaspers promises to keep their five children for them until they can get back on their feet. Quickly, they find that they are in for the fight of their lives to get their children back. Many secrets will be revealed and a hard lesson is learned when trust is placed in people carrying a title. Will they be able to overcome this act of betrayal? More importantly, will their children?

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Tracie Loveless-Hill


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