Afternoon Delight A Steamy Love Story

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Before she met and married David, Maddy had mainly been with women. She like men and women with an equal passion. When her husband passed away twenty-four years later she decided she did not want to be with any other men. Women were another matter entirely, especially after she got hooked on reading lesbian romance novels. It was just a coincidence that her friend Elaine’s sister was moving to Omaha and needed help finding someplace to live. Her gay sister. From the moment Maddy first saw the tall, sexy woman she knew exactly what she wanted. It took her three days to entice Jo into her bed for the first sex she’d had with a woman in over twenty-five years. It was even better than she’d remembered.
After her long-term relationship fell apart, Jo decided to leave Minneapolis. She applied for a job in Omaha, where she could stay with her sister until she found a house of her own. It was just a coincidence that her sister’s friend Maddy was available to help her hunt for a permanent home. The moment she saw the woman, with her long, red hair and her luscious curves, Jo knew she wanted her. She hadn’t expected to be seduced, but was glad it happened.
Elaine was jealous of the attention her sister was paying to her friend and let them both know it. Maddy’s daughter Flo did not approve of her mother becoming involved with a woman, let alone sleeping with her. With their families trying to keep them apart, Maddy didn’t know if she and Jo could keep it together. It was too bad they were falling in love.
This is a novel of approximately 48,000 words. It contains explicit adult activities and is intended for readers 18 and older. There is an HEA and no cliffhangers.

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