Aliens in the Bible A Biblical Perspective of Supernatural Entities, Realms of Existence, and Phen

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To get more information on this book and my other books, check out my website at www. When reading the Bible, readers usually find moral guidance; sometimes they perceive a sense of poetic beauty. But how often do readers fall into the pages, and swim among the ancient Hebrew characters? How many people transcend the eons of time within the ancient text of the Bible, then look up from their reading, and consider for a moment that they are mysterious beings, immersed in a mysterious creation? How odd this current world must have looked, we with our televisions, space-shuttles, and computers, in the visions of the prophets of old; and how odd the world of antiquity looks to us today a world of giants, magicians, and sorcerers; a world of legendary gods coming from the heavens.
Aliens in the Bible is a book of possibilities. No claim of supreme knowledge in biblical interpretation is made rather, scripture is presented, and with it, the pondering mind of the author. Some pondering may be perceived as utterly preposterous, despite the fact that science and historical literature other than the Bible may also support some suggested theories. Nevertheless, this book should be a healthy read; it should touch the unseen eyes of the soul, which delight in the revelations of the invisible realm.
Aliens in the Bible is researched information that places paranormal subjects into three categories: supernatural entities, realms of existence, and phenomenon. Within the scope of paranormal phenomenon, unlike the title of this book may suggest, a host of topics are covered. Along with the existence of aliens ghosts, thought-forms, artificial intelligence, monsters, and mythical beings are also discussed all with a biblical interpretation. The realms of heaven and hell are explained in depth. Other paranormal phenomenon, such as reincarnation, PSI, astral projection, stigmata, and more, are also elaborated upon.
Some of the theories presented in this book might make the average Christian laugh. Indeed, they could be embossed on the front page of a tabloid. Some of them are as follows:1. The beast spoken of in the book of Revelation might actually be an artificial intelligent life form.2. The giants of Genesis chapter 6 were genetically engineered hybrids of humans, and fallen angels. Dinosaurs and other monstrous prehistoric beasts were the results of precursory genetic experimentation leading up to the Nephilim giants.3. Astral projection was practiced at the Tower of Babel. This ability aided in the growth of exponential knowledge.4. Satan once ruled a host of planets; his home world was called Rahab. God destroyed this world; it became what is now known as the asteroid belt.5. The heaven reported by many non-Christians that have had NDEs (Near-Death-Experiences) isnt really heaven at all. Its actually a vacated paradise located within the midst of Hades, ruled by demonic entities.6. What people perceive as reincarnation is actually possession of the deceased. This book may be accused of not being focused on the primary message of the Bible. The heart of scripture is the heart of God; that He imbed Himself inside the body of a human being by the name of Jesus, and willingly allowed Himself to be murdered. Why did He do this? Because He demands perfect justice yet seeing that we can never pay this price, He paid it for us, if only we accept Him on His terms. Instead, this books focus is on items that may be deemed a value of secondary importance in comparison with the essentials of the Christian faith, such as the love of God, the immaculate conception of Christ, His work of salvation on the cross, moral absolutes, etc. To all Christian readers, I humbly request you humor this work, for this book should serve a valuable twofold purpose. First of all, it will witness to seekers who often imme

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