All Sinner No Saint A Why Choose, Dark, MC Romance

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I’m aptly named.
I’m Lucifer in the flesh: Lucie to those who love me, B *tch to those who loathe me.
I have plenty of enemies, most of them in the clubhouse where I was raised.
But I’m tired of being an outsider, tired of being on the outside looking in.
*I want to go home. *
And home?
Isn’t a place.
It’s with four men. Four bikers who own my heart and soul, and have done since I was a kid.
Even if they betrayed me.
But I’ll forgive them.
I will.
*Only after I make them pay for their mistakes…*
My family has enemies. Enemies that made us pay through my suffering.
All these years later, after being kidnapped, I can only sleep in the arms of a biker my daddies would kill if they knew how he shielded me.
And he isn’t the only one.
Saint? Keys? Ink?
They’re more than just bikers, more than just brothers.
*They’re my sanity.
* I love them.
And they love me.
*Now it’s time for them to realize we’re made to be together…*
The collection contains an **EXCLUSIVE** scene that will never be released anywhere else.
*The Hell’s Rebel Collection* consists of titles that were originally published as **THEIR SINNER** and **THEIR SAINT**. You can now enjoy both mother and daughter’s books in the one collection.

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Serena Akeroyd

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The Hell's Rebel's Collection

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