Alternate Generals III

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History shows that leadership is crucial in war, but there are other factors at work. What if history were given a twist or two, and great commanders on land and sea fought their greatest battles under different circumstances? Suppose General Douglas MacArthur had been captured before he could escape from Manila and became a prisoner of war? Suppose Joan of Arc had not been burned for heresy and had gone on to lead France to very different victories? Suppose Genghis Khan had been a convert to Judaism and his horde fought for a different cause than in our universe? Turtledove and his colleagues turn the past upside down and inside out, and the possibilities are endless. . . . Contents: A Key to the Illuminated Heretic by A.M. Dellamonica The Road to Endless Sleep by Jim Fiscus Not Fade Away by William Sanders I Shall Return by Jihn Mina Shock and Awe by Harry Turtledove A Good Bag by Brad Linaweaver The Burning Spear at Twilight by Mike Resnick “It Isn’t Every Day of the Week” by Roland J. Green Measureless to Man by Judith Tarr Over the Sea from Skye by Lillian Stewart Carl First, Catch Your Elephant by Esther M. Friesner East of Appomattox by Lee Allred Murdering Uncle Ho by Chris Bunch

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Harry Turtledove

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Alternate Generals



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