Alternative Medicines for Diabetes Management

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Apart from diet and exercise, the strategic use of different classes of prescribed or non-prescribed xenobiotic compounds for the restoration of euglycemic levels in the body is well known. The ongoing rivalry between the recommended usage of allopathic medicines versus ayurvedic remedies has encouraged many researchers to focus their studies on thoroughly isolating and characterizing the extracts from different parts of plants and then evaluating their relative activities via in vitro, in vivo and in some cases clinical studies. ***Alternative Medicines for Diabetes Management: Advances in Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry*** provides a holistic view of all oral therapies for diabetes mellitus that are available to the public by removing the silos and stigmas that are associated with both allopathic and ayurvedic medicines. Additional Features Include: * Highlights the potential role of dietary and medicinal plant materials in the prevention, treatment, and control of diabetes and its complications. * Educates readers on the benefits and shortcomings of the various present and potential oral therapies for diabetes mellitus. * Allows quick identification and retrieval of material by researchers learning the efficacy, associated dosage and toxicity of each of the classes of compounds. * Presents the history, nomenclature, mechanisms of action and shortcomings for each of the various sub-classes of allopathic therapeutants for diabetes mellitus and then introduces ayurvedic medicines. * Section C discusses various metallopharmaceuticals and provides a holistic view of all available and potential therapies for the disease. *

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Nalini K. Singh, Varma H. Rambaran

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Medicinal Plants and Natural Products for Human Health


CRC Press

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