Always Been You

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The best way to ruin a perfectly wonderful friendship?

Have sex with your BFF.

A mistake.

That’s what Troy calls what was easily the single best sexual experience of my life. He claims our “slip” was due to too much alcohol. I respond the only way I know how, which is to bury the entire experience under a six-foot mound of denial and regret. Lesson learned.

When I’m finally in an emotional place where I can move on with someone else, Troy does a complete about face. Now he wants me. And he wants more.

That should have been the end, right? I’m getting what I’ve wanted since I was sixteen. But devastating news turns Troy’s life upside down and soon becomes my cross to bear. And the only way I can get back everything I lost is to bare it all. Literally.

Now my boyfriend may be a progressive, twenty-first century kind of guy, but when it comes to his girlfriend posing nude for Playboy?

He’s 100% Neanderthal.

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Jenna thought she had everything she needed-happiness, laughter, friends, and a terrific family that loves and cares for her. She’ll be a senior in high school this fall and after that, college beckons. Yep, life is perfect, except for one small little glitch: she’s in love with her best friend, Jacob Bennett. Everybody thought that she had gotten over her silly crush on Jacob ever since tenth grade. In a way, they were right; but what she didn’t realize was that even though she managed to convince herself she was over him, the feelings that still remained were more than just friendship. Helplessly trapped with her feelings, how can she ever tell Jacob how much she loves him without ruining what they already have? As the year goes on, both Jacob and Jenna must come face to face with their feelings. And in the end, their decision just might affect the rest of their lives… Full of humor and romance, Always Been You is a touching novel about the strength of friendship and true love.

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Tracy Luu



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