Always on His Mind

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***When trauma claimed his memories, only her love can guide him to a new future.* **
After weeks missing in action and presumed dead, Private Reece Cartwright wakes up in a cave in the desert. His only possessions are a worn Bible, a handwritten love letter, and no memories of who he was. He’s eager to return home and reclaim his life and the love of the woman who wrote the letter. Her words give him a peace his ravaged mind and body desperately need—he only wishes he could remember her.
Beth Barrett has loved her best friend’s brother her whole life but only gets the confidence to tell Reece when he’s overseas serving their country. When her letter gets no response for months, she decides her only chance at a family of her own is to agree to marry the church’s new youth pastor. . . until Reece returns believing the two of them are engaged.
Reece’s memories are still MIA, but with his family home in ashes, his best shot at a new life is to marry Beth and create a new home together on the Purple Heart Ranch. With a chance at true love so close, can Beth go through with marriage to a man she doesn’t love? Or marry Reece whose memories could resurface at any time and prove their relationship a lie?
**Find out if love can truly heal all wounds in this light-hearted, sweet romance of convenient arrangements that unfold into lasting love. *Always On His Mind* is the seventh in a continuing series of marriage of convenience tales featuring Wounded Warriors who are healed with the power of love.**
*This book was formerly titled The Private and the Pastor’s Daughter.*

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Shanae Johnson

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The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch

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Those Johnson Girls

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