America, the Babylon: America’s Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy

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America’s future is revealed! Extensive research unlocks the mystery of the prophetic nation referred to as “mystery Babylon”, which will be the dominant power before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and before the rise of the Antichrist. Extensive documentation and use of the Strong’s Concordance numbering system allows and challenges the readers to verify the original Hebrew and Greek translation work and analysis data. 100 identifying characteristics all point to America as the last and greatest of the Superpowers. Learn what will happen, why, when, where and how to America. Learn what you need to know to prepare for what is coming. Learn about the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Capitol building, monetary symbols, and the symbolism found in the NASA space program and why all of these are signifi-cant. The overwhelming volume of the research data is stunning and the conclusions are shocking. What happens to America? Find out by reading the book ” *America, The Babylon: America’s Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy* “.

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R. A. Coombes


Leathers Pub

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