Among Heroes

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This disaster of a romcom will have you rooting for the two bad boy wannabees whose solid gold hearts yearn for each other while their rock solid bodies grapple with a different kind of yearning.

If you’re going to fly into the path of an oncoming hurricane, there’s only one man you want as Captain: ex-Air Force pilot, Rook Terzi. But why would you do ever do such a thing in the first place? This definitely isn’t the smartest decision Rook has ever made, as evidenced by an abrupt landing on the wrong side of Coxa de Peru, but being marooned isn’t all bad. In fact, it would be almost paradise if it weren’t for one particular passenger: YouTube personality and alpha-wannabe, Bryce Norris.

Bryce figures he’s the best choice to take charge of this group of survivors. He’s a paid adventurer, after all. Sure, his production manager usually handles the details, but Bryce does his own stunts, and he’s ready to sacrifice his body in any way necessary. Too bad no one’s asking him to play hero, because he’s well-equipped for the job.

When a crew member’s declining health means they can’t wait for rescue any longer, Bryce and Rook need to stop fighting for dominance and start cooperating on a jungle trek towards civilization. Can their rivalry turn to passion beneath a tropical moon?

Content warning: the author knows nothing about flying a plane except what you learn by sitting in one and has made up her own model of aircraft. If you have any aviation expertise, you’ll probably find this book supremely annoying. Otherwise, suspend your disbelief, buckle in, and let’s take off on what’s sure to be a wild ride.

NOTE: NO FURTHER DISSCOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT- OVERSTOCK SALE- Significantly reduced list price By First Sergeant Jack R. Ainsworth, United States Marine Corps. Edited by Ambassador Laurence Pope (Retired). Discusses the Battle of Peleliu, which occurred in the Pacific in 1944 during World War II. This small book Among Heroes, published by the U.S. Marine Corps History Division, is a fairly quick read and well worth the effort. The book is actually a compilation of notes taken by First Sergeant Jack Ainsworth of Company C, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines during the battle on Peleliu. It covers the period from their landing on D-Day September 15, 1944 until they were pulled from the front lines on September 20th. 1stSgt Ainsworth apparently went over his written notes and typed them up shortly after the battle probably during R&R at Pavuvu. Ambassador Pope’s father, then Captain Everett P. Pope, was the Company Commander of Company C and received the Medal of Honor for his actions during this period. The interesting twist is that these typewritten notes were found by Pope when he was going through his father’s papers only a few months before his death in 2009. Pope worked with the USMC Historical Branch to obtain the official history of these events. He also provides some background information on 1stSgt Ainsworth who was only 26 in September 1944, but had served with the Marines in Shanghai before the war. Footnotes are provided along with a Postscript that provide some comparative information between the notes and the official Marine Corps history of the battle. Military historians, war veterans, and history students may be interested in this resource. Other related products: Duffer’s Shoal: A Strategic Dream of the Pacific Command Area of Responsibility is available here: China’s Rise and Reconfiguration of Central Asia’s Geopolitics: A Case for U.S. “Pivot” to Eurasia is available here: United States Army in World War II, War in the Pacific, Cartwheel, Reduction of Rabaul –Print Hardcover format– is available here: The Approaching Storm: Conflict in Asia, 1945-1965 -Print Paperback format is available here: United States Army in World War II, War in the Pacific, Triumph in the Philippines –Print Paperback is available here: United States Army in World War 2, War in the Pacific, Strategy and Command, The First Two Years is available here: World War II resources collection can be found here:…

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Marine Corps

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