An Assassin’s Destiny

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Once a Hunter always a Hunter. Or can deadly trained killers turn over a new leaf and start anew?
I’m starting to think that fairytales do exist in this new world we’re creating for not only ourselves but for so many new recruits.
Everything is perfect.
Until the other side fires back.
The darkness of our past is always looming, and for once I’m not sure we can beat it. When our trials turn into tribulations, will I be able to save us all and fulfill our destiny? Or will everything we’ve been working to build be destroyed before I reach an assassin’s version of happily ever after?
This is a reverse harem series recommended for readers 18 and over. This is the FINAL book to the Huntress Series.
Reading order
An Assassin’s Death
An Assassin’s Deception
An Assassin’s Destiny

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Epub, Kindle

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A. K. Koonce, Harper Wylde

Book Series

The Huntress

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