Anti-Hacker Tool Kit

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Put an end to hacking. Stop hackers in their tracks using the tools and techniques described in this unique resource. Organized by category, Anti-Hacker Toolkit provides complete details on the latest and most critical security tools, explains their function, and demonstrates how to configure them to get the best results. New and updated case studies in each chapter illustrate how to implement each tool in real-world situations. Protect your network and prevent disasters using the cutting-edge security tools and exclusive information in this completely up-to-date volume. Explains how to configure and use these and other key tools: Port scanners: Nmap, SuperScan, IpEye, Scanline; Enumeration tools: smbclient, nbtstat, Winfingerprint; Web vulnerability scanners: Nikto, WebSleuth, Paros, wget; Password crackers: PAM, John the Ripper, L0phtCrack; Backdoors: VNC, Sub7, Loki, Knark; System auditing tools: Nessus, Retina, STAT, Tripwire; Packet filters and firewalls: IPFW, Netfilter/Iptables, Cisco PIX; Sniffers: snort, BUTTSniffer, TCPDump/WinDump, Ethereal; Wireless tools: NetStumbler, Wellenreiter, kismet; War dialers: ToneLoc, THC-Scan; Incident response tools: auditpol, Loggedon, NTLast; Forensics tools: EnCase, Safeback, Ghost, md5sum, FTK; Miscellaneous tools: Netcat, Fpipe, Fport, Cygwin, and many more.

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Bradley C. Johnson, Mike Shema



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