Apple Pandowdy by Alice

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Two men in competition to capture the heart of a cautious cook. Is this a recipe for disaster or true love?
Alice Connelly agrees to participate in a new matchmaking project organized by her pastor and the orphanage’s matron. She can find no peace accepting a role as a mail-order bride and instead becomes the first volunteer to accept a job in a local restaurant and relocate to Carrie Town, Texas.
She hopes the experience will help her to discover what she wants in life. But in a town where single men outnumber women thirty to one, she’s more confused than ever. Thrilled to put her skills to use, she enters her crowd-pleasing deep-dished spiced apple dessert in a baking contest. Sparks fly as more than one suitor competes to win the opportunity to join her for dinner and dancing at the town’s first annual Thanksgiving in Action Celebration. But is the winner the man of her dreams? Bets are on.

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Epub, Kindle

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Kimberly Grist

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Old Timey Holiday Kitchen

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