Architectural Rendering With 3ds Max and V-Ray


Vray is a popular add-on rendering application that is available for many popular 3D modeling software packages. The application is noted for creating professional and clean renders in record time which makes it attractive to modelers on tight budgets or tight schedules. This book teaches readers how to create high-quality photorealistic renders of architectural visualizations using 3ds Max and Vray with project-based tutorials. Readers will learn how to combine lighting and rendering options to end-up with the most realistic final renders possible at a professional level. The tutorials in this book are filled with beautiful full-color images.. The companion CD includes all of the necessary project files to recreate each of the projects presented within the book. *Create photorealistic renders of your visualizations and projects – including interior and exterior shots, as well as shots illuminated with artificial and natural light sources* Project-based tutorials teach you how to use lighting and rendering options most effectively to create professional level final renders of your visualizations and models – the companion CD includes all of the project files you need *Learn how to save time without sacrificing the quality of your final renders with tips and tricks on rendering with Vray – the most accurate rendering application for 3ds Max Reviews

Book Author:

Enrico Eggert, Markus Kuhlo


Focal Press

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Nook, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows





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