Arrows of Time

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Time and space, magic and quantum physics … is anything quite what we thought it was … When a time portal spins Rosette and Jarrod off in different directions, she is caught in a loop of repeating events. A strange bard helps her find a way back home, but everything has changed … Jarrod is missing, her mentor is a child, and women are forbidden to carry swords. While Kreshkali leads the survivors on Earth, Rosette and her temple cat, Drayco, turn to the future for help. But which one? time is their only hope, and it’s playing tricks … Praise for tHE SPELL OF ROSEttE (Book One): ‘At last – a writer who is right up my alley. this debut novel from Kim Falconer is a magnum opus of originality and insight into Earth’s technological future and occult past. this intricate and intriguing tale perfectly blends the physical, quantum, cyber and spiritual realms into one of the best fantasy books I’ve read in ages!’ traci Harding, author of tHE ANCIENt FUtURE

Book Author:

Kim Falconer

Book Series:

Quantum Enchantment



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Nook, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows





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