Atypical Premed: A Non-Traditional Student’s Guide to Applying to Medical School

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The decision to apply to medical school is not one that can be made easily overnight. It takes years of preparation to construct a decent application, and even then, acceptance is not guaranteed. The process is especially grueling for non-traditional students who do not fit the cookie-cutter mold of the thousands of students applying to medical school each year. As a three-time medical school applicant, single mother, and former non-traditional student, Dr. Danielle Ward knows all too well the difficulties and obstacles that come along with the decision to start on the path to becoming a physician.
Atypical Premed was created to prove that despite not fitting the mold, you absolutely can accomplish your dream of becoming a physician! Atypical Premed is filled with advice, tips, and Dr. Ward’s own personal experiences to both guide and encourage students from all backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a medical career. Whether you are overcoming low GPA and/or MCAT scores, a single parent, changing careers, involved in the military, an older (or even younger) student, or involved in anything else that does not fit the typical view of an entering medical student–if you plan on applying to medical school, this book will have something for you.

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