Awakened by the Vampire Prince

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**Complete Edition: Part 1-3**
**Author’s Suggested Series Reading order:
# 1 Chosen by the Vampire Kings
# 2 Stolen by the Alpha Wolf
# 3 Unlikely Mates
# 4 Awakened by the Vampire Prince
# 5 Mated to the Vampire Kings
# 6 Wolf Whisperer
# 7 The Bride Hunt
Most of these serials are available in bundles. See the individual series pages.**
King Katar is gravely ill. Esral must go back to her place of birth, to be at her father’s side, during this difficult time. She is relieved when her protector, Xavier, is not permitted to accompany her. It is becoming more difficult to deny her feelings for the vampire prince who clearly feels nothing for her in return. Right now, she must focus on her father’s needs and on getting him well again…regardless of what it might cost her in the end.
The elven princess is a delicate beauty of the rarest kind. Xavier has the utmost respect for the female and the ideals she holds so dear. A complete innocent, she plans on saving herself for her future mate. If only she knew the kinds of thoughts he had about her, she would never allow herself to be alone with him ever again; may never even speak to him again and he wouldn’t blame her.
**Be warned, this story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**
It is highly recommended that you start with Chosen by the Vampire Kings first for the most enjoyment.

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The Chosen

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Charlene Hartnady

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