Dominated by the Librarian #1 ‘Surrender to Your Desire’ – Male Submission Romance Erotica

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Warning: This story is aimed for adult reading only and contains erotica and BDSM content, including a dominant redheaded female librarian and light bondage.
Peter Thompson works as a graphic designer in central London and has recently broken up with his girlfriend after a small misunderstanding regarding how much flirting a man can get away with. In an attempt to avoid his depressing flat, he stays late at the local library, browsing through free magazines.
When the library is closing for the evening, Peter finds himself alone together with a short and curvy redheaded librarian, however when he tries to seduce her everything suddenly gets a little bit out of control.
Out of his control, that is…
All of my senses sprang to life. I could feel her touch, but also the soft skin of her curvy legs against my side and I smelled the scent of her hair as she bent closer. My heartbeat increased and all I could think of was her teasing touch, but I refused to let her know how much it affected me.
She already thought I was some kind of creep and there really wasn’t any reason to let her confirm her suspicions because by God, I was getting incredibly and unexpectedly turned on. And it wasn’t only perhaps a result of that she was touching me in a rather naughty way; it was also because she was pinning me down on the floor, I realized vaguely, but I instantly rejected the thought.
“Are you getting turned on?” she whispered in my ear while her fingertips were slowly getting dangerously close to my most intimate area.
I swallowed hard and licked my lips.
“No,” I denied. “Of course not.”
This is an erotic fantasy short story about male submission.
Total word count: 4500 words (~10 printed A4 pages in normal format).
Professional edited and proofread by Invisible Ink Editing.
Dominated by the Librarian #1: ‘Surrender to your desire ’is the first title in the “Dominated by the Librarian”- series, but each story can be read and enjoyed separately.
By Tara Jones:
Dominated by the Librarian: The Completed Series (Part #1-6)
Dominated by the Librarian #1: ‘Surrender to your Desire’
Dominated by the Librarian #2: ‘Surrender to Please Her’
Dominated by the Librarian #3: ‘Surrender to Obey’
Dominated by the Librarian #4: ‘Surrender to your Mistress’
Dominated by the Librarian #5: ‘Surrender to Submit’
Dominated by the Librarian #6: ‘Surrender Forever’

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