Dream Lover

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Lyn Denison

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Her naked skin made a soft, sensuous sound as she shifted on the satiny sheets. Moaning softly, she was drawn into a wonderful warmth. A strong arm came around her, firm fingers splayed over her back, and she begged for the softness to cover her, to meld with her, to make her whole… Jo couldn’t remember when the dreams began, but they always ended the same way – with her desperately reaching out for something just beyond her grasp. The dreams could easily be a metaphor for her own unfulfilled existence. Having given up all hope of love and happiness long ago, Jo now seeks only escape from the scattered remnants of failed marriage and the dreadful apathy that seems to engulf her more and more each day. On an extended vacation, she hopes that a change of scenery will help her get on with her life. But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that a chance meeting with an attractive stranger would lead to her first taste of real passion – on the lips of a woman with the strength and the desire to make all her dreams come true.

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Lyn Denison


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