Hate Awakened

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Imagine her shock when Claire wins the shifter lottery! It’s the first one ever to be held and she’s never won anything before in her entire life. She can’t believe it. She’s going to meet a shifter in real life. For years, Claire has saved newspaper clippings, anything she can find on shifters. It’s a dream come true. A whole day on shifter territory.
The big day arrives. She’s confused when they separate her and two other women from the group. They are told that there’s a new kind of shifter. One nobody has ever heard of. Not only that, they’re looking for mates…and she’s eligible. She’s afraid. Yet she’s excited. It sounds like the adventure of a lifetime. Claire doubts she’ll find love. *Yeah, right! Not her.* Little does she know, she’s about to fall for not one, but two sexy griffin shifters.
Things get more complicated when a third is added to the equation. All three of them want her just as much as they hate each other. What has she done? Claire is stuck in the middle of something beyond her control. It’s too much for her to handle. All she wants now is to go home. Claire wishes she’d never won the lottery, because she’s ended up losing her heart.
**Contains hot alpha males and therefore strong sexual themes/language**

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Charlene Hartnady

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The Feral

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