Heart of a Rebel

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Ward Gibson had spent his entire life living by a certain code. Growing up in a motorcycle club, with a stint in the military, he had always taken the responsibility of protecting others seriously.
There had always been one weakness for him, though, in the form of a vibrant, beautiful redhead – Leah. As the new president of the Rebel Aces, the entire world is now on his shoulders. When old threats resurface, Ward will do everything in his power to protect and keep safe those he loves.
Leah Martinez’s entire life was turned upside down when tragedy struck during her teenage years. To her, life could end at any time, and she vowed to cherish every single moment.
Twelve years later, the peace she and her siblings had found becomes threatened again. With those she considered family being in the line of fire, including the man she loved.
Together, Ward and Leah embark on a chaotic journey in order to protect those they valued and loved. Bonds will be tied. Loyalty will be stretched. Family will be strengthened. But will it be enough? Can sheer determination and control keep the demons at bay for both of them and the club before it all is yanked from their grasp, including their love?
DISCLAIMER: This book is 18+ and does contain sexual situations, strong language, and violence.
This is the first book in the Rebel Aces series, and it is NOT standalone and does have a mild cliffhanger. No cheating, couples do have a HEA – the overarching plot of the series continues on into the next novel.

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K. D. Latronico

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Rebel Aces MC

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