Henry and Sophie A SteamPunk Romance

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Ooh, I loved this book! The chemistry between Henry and Sophie flows well. It never felt forced, nor did it ring with insta-love. – Jordan Romance check suspense check steampunk check heat level check. Yup this book just checked all my favorite things in books. – Suzanne. The characters are well developed and likable. The storyline is well written, flows nicely, and has a good combination of intrigue, action, adventure, and a bit of romance – Heather In this 1880s world of Steampunk and gears, Henry David works as a tailor and an inventor, though most of his inventions are disasters. The enemy agents kill off the most prominent scientists in England. Now it is up to Henry to create something that actually works. Sophie Thomas is a brilliant spy, without Henry’s knowledge, she uses him to root out enemy agents. He senses she has feelings for him, but it is hard to know if her love is genuine or she is merely playing an elaborate game. He is told to encourage the ladies who come to the tailor shop, which he does a little too much of. To his horror he gets cards of introduction from their fathers. He is expected to meet with the surly gentleman and ask their permission to marry the love sick girls. The results are disastrous. He inadvertently creates a duplicate of Sophie, this has an adverse effect on their friendship. Will she ever forgive him for his bumbling? She doesn’t seem to be the long-suffering inventor’s wife he had hoped for. She, on the other hand struggles with the choices of either keeping in her perilous job or opening her heart up to love. When enemy agents kidnap her, it is Henry who holds the key to her fate. In the end, Henry must choose between rescuing Sophie or destroying the enemy’s super weapon, thus ending the war.

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Grant Eagar, Lara Wynter

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