Rock and Ruin

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**If Pitch Perfect went to Hell, it would land in Saint Damon’s Academy for the Gifted.**
Aspiring rock goddess Ashley Alcantara wanted to pass her PSATs and fight her way to the top of the music charts. Instead, she’s burying her mother and stuck with an estranged father—who just sold his soul. But maybe there’s silver lining: he also got Ash a full scholarship to a prestigious school.
Saint Damon’s Academy for the Gifted sounds a lot nicer than what it is: a demon academy hidden in the heart of Las Vegas, where the teachers’ heads spin, senior shifters hunt junior students, and finals can be literal murder. Dropped into the deep end of this dark, supernatural world, Ash has to learn how to swim—fast. Soon she’s drawing on the strange power she’d been taught to keep hidden, dating the hottest shifter in school, sharing donuts with an even hotter university student, and forging an unlikely friendship with two classmates trapped in the same apartment complex. But if Ash is going to survive St. Damon’s, she’ll need to do more than navigate the very bowels of Sin City—she’ll need to escape the demons who’ve been chasing her since she was born.
Finding strength in her friends—a meek Feeder named Oscar and a voodoo-priestess-in-training, Nabila—Ash hatches a desperate plan to fight back. They’re forming a band and using their music to channel their fledgling powers.
Together, they’ll make a stand against the dark—that is, if they survive final exams.

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Bad Unicorn Press

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