The Antique

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Thousands of years ago during China’s Three Kingdoms Period, a family-bound witch was wrongfully blamed and persecuted for the death of a local warlord’s son. Before she was burned to ashes, she swore to exact revenge on the descendants of all those involved. Yet, to prevent the powerful witch from reconstitution, the Dao monk that captured the witch separated her ashes into six spell-bound boxes and then hidden away into the edges of the warring kingdoms. Eons passed. The witch had tracked down all but two boxes, but she had paid a steep price surviving through the ordeal. The emergence of two Blood Children (sisters) in witch’s remaining family bloodline could help her regain most of her human form, but her enemies’ descendants still stood in her way of reconstitution. Will she be able to overcome the obstacles to get closer to her rebirth, or will she run out of time?

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Peter Fang


Peter Fang

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