The Art of Self Defense: A Do-It-Yourself, Self-Defense Guide for Security Personnel and for the Lay-Man


In the past few decades, there has been a phenomenal increase in crime and consequently the need for protection. Citizens have been licensed to have personal pistols that are expensive, or provided with police protection, which again is costly and a burden on the police force or private security agencies. The propagating of the martial arts while equipping people to protect themselves substitutes “fire-arms” with the strength of the arms, legs, feet, ….. the entire body. From firearms that can be destructive and fatal, the martial arts without necessary being fatal, can equip an individual with adequate security through self defense that is effective and controlled. Self defense through the martial arts will not only make individuals more secure and society safer but lessen the burden and tasks of the police. Training in the martial arts will also contribute to the general health and well being of its adherents. The martial arts a collective accumulation of the experience and insights of centuries and in-depth study of the human body and its strong and weak points have gone into the creation of a scientific system of self defense.
In ancient times it was not unusual for a student to trudge over a thousand miles, scaling high mountains and crossing huge rivers and traveling through dangerous forests to seek the teaching of the great master. It was common practice that subtle techniques, unique experiences and special knowledge were made esoteric and only handed down from father to son and master to selected disciple. Today, even though travel is simplified to eliminate its hardships its still not easy to come across a good teacher who has the knowledge and is willing to hand his secrets over to anyone who knocks at his door

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Christopher Fernandes, Julio Ribeiro (foreword By), Lazarus Mascarenhas



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