The Truth

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This is a Pageburst digital textbook; the product description may vary from the print textbook. This handy reference gives health professionals the basic tools needed to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Vocabulary lists and sample dialogs address situations commonly encountered in hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, or outpatient and community centers. It familiarizes readers with common words and phrases through consistent repetition and demonstrates how they are used in conversation. Questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” response are emphasized, designed to facilitate communication in emergency situations where rapid responses are needed. Pronunciations are provided both in the text and on an accompanying CD-ROM. Includes the words and phrases most commonly used by health professionals to eliminate the time-consuming process of looking up words in the dictionary. Specific questions that elicit yes or no answers assist health care providers with quickly obtaining essential information from patients. Sample dialogs cover common situations in the health care setting. Basic vocabulary such as numbers, colors, days of the weeks, and members of the family is included to facilitate conversations with Spanish-speaking patients. Vocabulary tables highlight basic vocabulary within the text for quick reference. Phrase and Sentence Index includes an alphabetical listing of all phrases and sentences used in chapter dialogs. An alphabetical Word Index allows easy access to specific words. Information on Hispanic culture and popular health beliefs helps readers provide culturally appropriate care. Pronunciations are provided for all sample dialogs and vocabulary so readers can speak with confidence. Three important new chapters have been added: Consent to Procedures/Surgery (Chapter 7); Discharging a Patient (Chapter 8); and Home Health/Hospice Care (Chapter 11). Organized according to health care settings such as the pediatrician’s office, the emergency room, the cardiologist, and the home setting to make relevant phrases easy to locate. A CD-ROM containing audio recordings of sample dialogs is included with the book to reinforce correct pronunciations and train professionals to understand spoken Spanish. A bright, two-color design highlights headings and key features to make the book more visually appealing and useful.

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