War Day

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**The stunning conclusion to the incredible story of Proxy!
Brian Yi has lived his whole life for other people. First his parents, who treated him as a trophy to impress their friends, and later his bosses at the factory. Right up until the day he became something much more than he’d ever dreamed of. A monster. A hero. Or if the nightly news can be trusted something that combines a little of both.
Infected, with powers and liabilities that no one else in the entire world has ever had. The ability to travel to the location of a person about to die, and take their place…
A hero, except that things aren’t totally as they seem, and his greatest enemy in the whole world has had far more control over creating Proxy, the superhero, than anyone ever would have guessed.
Now he must face the most painful of truths. The world is in the balance, and if he can’t find a way to beat a person from another world that doesn’t play by any rules other than her own, the fate of all humanity is sealed. For all time.

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Epub, Kindle

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P. S. Power

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The Infected

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Orange Cat Publishing

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